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Simplicity and productivity for you in every stage

Fill-level monitoring, automatic scheduling, route optimization and much more. Give your administrators a comprehensive overview to ease their workload and bring control of the day’s work out to where it is most useful – your drivers!

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Quick installation

Our smart sensor is installed into your already existing containers in under 5 minutes and starts measuring immediately, any additional set-up is done remotely by our technicians – Bolt-on as it should be!

Easy to use

Decide what information should be available to which users (or let everyone have full access) and how often you want updated information – don’t worry, our AI handles the difficult bits!

Smart emptying

Get information on when each container needs to be emptied, how much waste you need to pick up today, and the best route to get there – all directly to your computer, smartphone, touchpad or integrated into you existing systems!

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