Our vision

We help build clean, circular societies

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A field

No one is unaware of the challenges we face in correcting the earths climate. It needs to happen within our lifetime, or it may be irreversible. To us, our best chance of success lies in improving the way we live, and the way we act as consumers. We need to move away from-away consumerism, and learn to re-use wherever possible.

Thankfully, we as a society has already come a long way, and recycling is a growing trend across the world. A circular society is the only way to allow for a growing economy, while maintaining a sustainable way of life, and that is where we come in. as recycling continues to grow as a trend, the same inefficiencies we have had in waste management for the last 50 years still remain.

Did you know, that in Sweden, our home country, which have been recycling waste since long before most of us were born, an average recycling container is only half-full when it is emptied? And despite this, 25 % of all containers are overflowing, due to being emptied too late. It says itself that this is not going to work when our population not only grows, but recycle more and more. Smart Recycling’s vision is a clean, green society where we understand this material flow, where we help fulfil the potential of the circular economy.

Enabling you to contribute

You as a citizen play an important part in guiding the world into a more sustainable future. You do not have to work at a waste management company to help out, sometimes just getting the word out is enough.

What you can do