Smart Waste Management

By eliminating unnecessary pickups, you free up significant resources and reduce the cost of waste collection by 20 — 50%.

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Ultrasonic sensors are easily retrofitted into existing containers, and are robust enough to always function where laser or radar based sensors fail.

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The system uses artificial intelligence, AI, data to forecast when each container should be emptied next.

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By emptying containers only when they are full, we can reduce the need for waste transports by up to 50 % and avoid overflowing containers – everyone wins!

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We work for a circular and sustainable economy

If we want to solve the world’s climate challenges, we must all be more circular in our consumption. Recycling is a central part in the circular economy, and making it more effective is the key to success.

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Kommunerna tar över ansvaret för returpapper

När du lägger ifrån dig tidningen på morgonen så påbörjar den en resa. En resa mot att återvinnas. Nu väntar stora förändringar som kan ge stora fördelar om vi gör rätt från början.

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Smart Recycling in sustainable cooperation with Svensk Glasåtervinning

Smart Recycling’s solution provides information in real-time, optimizes the collection routes, reduces costs, and increases sustainability for over 90 % of all recycled glass in Sweden.

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